Na brukowanej ulicy tyłem do obiektywu przytulają się dwie ubrane w ciemne kolory osoby w kapturach nasuniętych na głowy; w rękach trzymają poduszki: jedna z pyszczkiem szarego kota, druga w kształcie księżyca
fot. Bartek Bańka

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7. マリッサ・クーパーの憂鬱 The Melancholy of Marissa Cooper (INT.), Marissa Laude S01E05 She is not a Slave 4 you, 2021



In our school poll for the most popular emotions of 2079, sadness has once again taken the no. 1 spot, with pitch-black melancholy trailing right behind it. We have a feeling that this pair is here to stay and will keep rocking your boat in 2080.
The names most frequently adopted by students once they turn 13 are Marissa, 在 and Anton. Looking at the time-span of their popularity, the youth seem to change their preferences around 15, when the range of their favourite names broadens to include赵, Ujjala, Andrzej and Grażyntala.
The school is divided into three basic genre subcultures: travellers, divers and medusers, all of which are accredited by the Sogdani Urban Tricoalition. We may boast one of the highest levels of unlearning on the Lagoon and we take pride in attracting a number of international fleets, e.g. of Czechoslovakia and Ruritania, who recruit their staff from among our graduates.
Do not hesitate and join us today – just dive in!
We are already sad about your applications!

Starring: Alžbeta Čermáková, Štěpán Hlaváček, Vojtěch Hlaváček, Fergus Johnson, Rene Alejandro Huari Mateus, Viktor Švolík, Nik Timková, Zuzana Žabková


The Melancholy of Marissa Cooper (since 2017 by and with Pawel Dudus, René Alejandro Huari, Fergus Johnson, Laura Eva Meuris, Sybila, Nik Timková, Zuzana Žabková, since 2020 presenting monthly radio-series: Marissa Laude on Radio Laude based in Prague). The Melancholy of Marissa Cooper is a collective DJ-dance body that is sym-poetically desperately teenage, crying, laughing and screaming out loud. She falls together apart and she is never enough. Marissa lets you fall into her, in kinship with other strippers and flirting fairies. Her party is a naive ritual. She smells your pink. She gives you a power. Her skin is a fiction. The Melancholy of Marissa Cooper performed at Kiosk Festival, Žilina, with and by Nik Timková and Zuzana Žabková at the Oskar Čepan Award for Slovak visual artists, or FUGA, Bratislava.

7. マリッサ・クーパーの憂鬱 The Melancholy of Marissa Cooper (INT.), Marissa Laude S01E05 She is not a Slave 4 you, 2021

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