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NARRACJE is a festival of contemporary art presented in Gdańsk’s public space. The artworks navigate viewers around this urban adventure: using various tools, they remain closely connected with the space. They provoke, intervene, and remove subsequent layers of the everyday to reveal hidden meanings.

Each year, NARRACJE takes place in November, each time in a different district, which serves as the point of departure for curators and as inspiration to artists.

Among the previous curators of NARRACJE were: Bettina Pelz (2009-2011), Steven Matijcio (2012), Rob Garrett (2013), Anna Witkowska i Adam Witkowski (2014), Anna Smolak (2015), Stach Szabłowski (2016), Anna Czaban (2017) and  Piotr Stasiowski (2018).

Over the years the NARRACJE has taken place in the Lower, Main and Old Town of Gdansk, at the Gdansk Shipyard, on the Long Gardens and in Upper Wrzeszcz. In 2015 NARRACJE visited New Port, and a year later Biskupia Hill, Brzeźno in 2017 and the district of Oliwa in 2018.


Instytut Kultury Miejskiej
Długi Targ street 39/40

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Instytut Kultury Miejskiej Miasto Gdańsk GGM
Narracje #12

narracje #12