15. Jan Matýsek (CZ), Leviathan’s Wet Dream, 2020

video, 27 min 27 sec


The film represents a hypnotising transformation of humankind to the ‘water age’. Earthly waters have become so polluted with chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other toxic substances as a result of the human insensitivity to nature that, in return, the waters start acting as a collective hallucinogen, causing altered states of mind, as well as alteration of actual bodies. Human physiology gets closer to that of water beings or even monsters, in a both orgiastic and somewhat terrifying journey. People change into amphibians, partly terrestrial and partly aquatic creatures, neither fully real, nor just virtual. Daily experiences and routines become psychedelic, surreal, unpredictable. Sharing contaminated water through both our bodies and our environment is the new status quo, a point of departure, or a point of no return. Our consciousness is expanded to a new dimension. Are we setting up an ecological disaster in order to improve ourselves? And what is the place for love in this process? Transhumanistic apocalypse is on the horizon. Coming soon…


Music & Sound: Natálie Pleváková
Director of Photography: Igor Smitka
Camera Assistant: Filip Kettner
Assistant Director: Marek Mrkvička
Production: Klára Mamojková
Production Assistant: Samuel Mrázik
Starring: (Wet Girls on Fire) Anna Sedlmajerová, Kateřina Šillerová, Tereza Nesládková, (Mermaids) Filip Tatýrek, Dominik Neudecker, Lenka Adamcová, Lucie Šillerová, Magdalena Rybanská, Tina Hrevušová, Tomáš Máčik, Vanda Michalská
Thanks to: Aquapark Slaný, Hlávkova Nadace, BIOFILMS


Jan Matýsek (born 1994) studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology in the drawing studio, and at the scenography studio at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. He is currently a student at the New Media II studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He has spent an exchange semester at the Berlin University of the Arts, in the experimental film/media arts studio. His video works, audiovisual projects and installations are often based on musical or textual sources, and are strongly rooted in narrative structures. He works with the ambivalence of social clichés, noir romanticism, stylisation or social choreography. Recently he touches upon the topics of sustainability, fluidity, or spiritual symbols, often seen from a queer perspective. He also works as a stage and costume designer in the field of performing arts.

15. Jan Matýsek (CZ), Leviathan’s Wet Dream, 2020

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