17. Kolektyw Wokół Kwadratu (PL)

Maria Ciapalska’s exhibition
Saturday, 9.30 p.m., concert of the Gluten Orkiestra music project


“The Square” is a perfect embodiment of the disappearing commercial pavilions with a modernist twist that used to add life to high-rise housing estates. The (once) modern building has been serving the residents of Wrzeszcz for years, and today – shortly before its demolition, hidden behind banners and glass extensions – it has been taken over by local artists.

“We have transformed the spacious premises into an art studio and a music studio, where we host meetings of improvising musicians, intimate concerts and recording sessions. The art studio is where we make prototypes of functional and exhibition furniture and ceramic instruments. The large available space, the specific visual character of the building and the slightly nostalgic yet relaxed atmosphere of this dilapidated structure are very inspiring and make for a great artistic enclave. This is where we create, work and have fun, constantly learning from each other”.

Kolektyw Wokół Kwadratu, aka Around the Square Collective, invites you to a concert of the Gluten Orkiestra ensemble. The Magic Garden Tea House will take over the building’s atrium, and Maria Ciapalska’s works will be exhibited on the first floor.

The Square’s hosts: Maria Ciapalska (sculptor, ceramic artist), Paweł Jakubiszyn (host, musician).

Gluten Orkiestra: Piotr Wyrwaszewski (producer, multi-instrumentalist, percussion instruments, wind instruments, voice), Paweł Jakubiszyn (congas), Rafał Dętkoś (electronics), Marcin Cudny (double bass, viola da gamba), Adam Kiełsznia (ASR 10), Łukasz Kostecki (bass, guitar), Krzysztof Latawiec (drums), Malina Midera (keyboards, voice).

17. Kolektyw Wokół Kwadratu (PL)

commercial space, the so-called “Square”, 169 Hallera Ave.

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