Rafał Dominik, Michał Grzymała


radioart, concert / 2017
streets of Brzeźno; Festival Club, Hallera 232

It all began when students of the Studio of Visual Structures of Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts received a task to interpret and develop the topic of ‘dynamics’. Rafał Dominik decided to respond to it by releasing a disco polo record: he designed the cover and stickers for the album, cut out his figure from carton and, using his desk, created something along the lines of a promo stand for the newly established band. Naturally, for the task to be completed, he also had to record a couple of songs. It soon transpired that writing and performing disco polo pieces gave Dominik an opportunity to finally sing about what he found important. As he said in one interview, “it is pretty lame to talk about such things on an everyday basis, you are not going to tell your friend that you love him. Yet in a disco polo song, if you wrap everything up in nice lyrics and melody, it functions as something funny and serious at the same time.” The artist, together with Krzysztof Czajka and Michał Grzymała, started a disco polo band called Galactics, most of whose rare live performances take place in contemporary art galleries.

Pomp Pirate Radio is Dominik’s new music project co-authored by Michał Grzymała. During NARRACJE, members of the collective will showcase the greatest disco polo and polo dance hits, and also host a live show about art and life. Driving along the streets of Brzeźno in a white van, they will provide live coverage of the festival. At the end of this radio evening, participants of the event will be in for a treat: Galactics in concert!


Rafał Dominik (b. 1985)

is a painter, sculptor and graphic artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (studio headed by Leon Tarasewicz). He creates animated films, paintings (including digital ones), collages, music (he co-founded a disco polo band called Galactics) and sculptures. A huge fan of pop culture, he treats art as an important element of social life and many of his works are devoted to disseminating it. He wants to make art that is accessible and understandable. Dominik’s works have been exhibited in the most important Polish contemporary art institutions and abroad. He lives in Warsaw.


Michał Grzymała

is an architect, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC). He has designed exhibitions and interactive pieces at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. He develops new ways of storytelling and conveying information. In his work, he looks for tangible uses for experimental design methods. He lives and works in Warsaw.

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