About Narracje

NARRACJE. Installations and Interventions in Public Space has been exploring urban themes and stories since 2009. Using various media ranging from intimate performances to large-format video projections, artists from Poland and abroad are placing well-known districts of Gdańsk in a new context. Each year, the Festival takes place in late autumn, giving a reason to leave the house and explore the city on two November evenings.

Among the previous curators of NARRACJE were: Bettina Peltz (2009-2011), Steven Matijcio (2012), Rob Garrett (2013), Anna Witkowska i Adam Witkowski (2014), Anna Smolak (2015) oraz Stach Szabłowski (2016).

Over the years the festival has taken place in the Lower, Main and Old Town of Gdansk, at the Gdansk Shipyard, on the Long Gardens and in Upper Wrzeszcz. In 2015 NARRACJE visited New Port, and a year later Biskupia Hill.

Narrative Festival # 9
Off Season
17-18 November 2017

Narracje 9

Narracje 9