Katarzyna Krakowiak


sculpture, performance / 2017
beach, continuation of Zdrojowa Street


Katarzyna Krakowiak’s proposal for NARRACJE Festival is a composition for earth, light and sound, created through the movement of these elements. In terms of structure, Krakowiak’s work, situated somewhere between performance and sculpture, alludes to land-art projects. Yet what is key here is the position of spectators and the perspective they bring with them. The work concerns shifting the horizon, which the artist understands very broadly: from seeing the space in a purely visual sense to the horizon of social or political thought, or even the individual imagination. Shifting one’s perspective does not automatically yield positive results; it is particularly risky when it happens in a brutal and irreversible way.



Katarzyna Krakowiak (b. 1980)

works with sculpture and architecture using various media of communication, particularly sound. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, with a PhD from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, since 2011 she has been an assistant at the Studio of Urban Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. In 2012, she received a special mention for her solo exhibition at the Polish Pavilion during the 13th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. Her works have been presented at exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

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Narracje 9

Narracje 9