Meris Angioletti


installation / 2010
room in the Festival Club building, back entrance, Hallera 232

The Curious and the Talkers
is an installation consisting of light and sound. Connections between light-related phenomena, art and telepathy led artist to discovery of Ingo Swann, famous “consciousness researcher” and inventor of “remote viewing” technique and to an interdependence between his scientific-esoteric method and creative process. This particular instance of curiosity brought about a series of telephone conversations and weekly meetings between Angioletti and Swann that took place in New York City in 2010. The Curious and the Talkers is an artistic effect of this experience – a spoken “script” / play for two actors and narrator, with an additional projection of “pure” RGB colours that blend together to form a stream of white light. Combining certain aspects of 19th century explorations of synesthesia, notions developed by the New York-based Art Institute of Light (Thomas Wilfred, Claude Bragdon, 1930), Gene Youngblood’s “extended cinema” (1970) which in turn inspired Ingo Swann’s findings, unique juxtaposition of light and sound turns The Curious and the Talkers a potential space for projecting mental images.


Meris Angioletti (b. 1977)

is a visual artist and author of installations. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and also studied Philosophy. Angioletti explores areas situated between art and science. She focuses on the possibilities and limitations of analysing landscapes and spaces using scientific methods and creative processes. She has won a number of international art awards and participated in many exhibitions. The artist was born in Bergamo, she lives and works in Paris and Milan.

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