Pomme de Terre

#Diwa_Przewodniczka / #Diwa_Guide, 2015

performative walk

starting place: ‘Perła Bałtyku’ restaurant at 65 Oliwska Street, at 8 PM


An eccentric former resident of Nowy Port has returned to her home stamping grounds after many years. During the meeting she will share her memories of Nowy Port as it used to be. She will also share her reflections on the adventures she has had in her life and other topics that matter to her. The guided tour will start on Friday night, with a symbolic cup of coffee in her once-favourite café Perła Bałtyku. Next, Diva will invite visitors to join her on a walkabout around what was once her part of the district. The guests will be able to find out whether Diva feels at home in the places that have lost their old seaport ambiance. A port in which you could once have heard the din of languages from all over the world, and in the streets – seen goods as if brought in on Magellan’s ship… For the Nowy Port locals, Diva has always been, and is, someone who is not run‑of‑the‑mill, someone both fascinating and excluded from social life, a weirdo. Despite all that, Diva wants to confront her presence today with the places that she knew in her childhood: backyards where she played ballgames, hallways where she surreptitiously smoked cigarettes or the cul-de-sac where she did it for the first time… Diva’s guided tour will be accompanied by sound and light, as well as signs that she associates with her stories from the past.

Pomme de Terre (b. 1991) – a performer. A graduate of philosophy at the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań, a 4th year intermedia student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. A performer that commits (un)aware errors, he feeds on human reaction that often gives him indigestion.


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