Flo Kasearu

Powstanie / Uprising, 2015

video projection

wall in the yard between Władysława IV and Na Zaspę Street


The film was shot during renovation of the artist’s home in the Pelgullin district of Tallin, where economic shortages and social problems continue to be felt. The film shows men, dressed in black, who rip sheets of metal off a roof and bend them to create large-scale model planes, reminiscent of origami models made by children. The artist uses DIY techniques and reclaiming technologies, alluding thereby to the unstable economic situation that prevails in the country. At the same time, the manner of filming and the sound track create an ambivalent ambiance, in which the potential threat of military intervention and the fluidity of borders functions on a par with the projected necessity of escape and freedom. The significance of the work resonates particularly strongly today, when, at a time of a particularly dramatic political situation in the world, the openness of European borders is turning out to be a Utopian concept.

Flo Kasearu (b. 1985) – lives in Tallin. She studies private and public space and analyses social behaviour in the context of the concepts of freedom and crisis. In 2013, the artist created in her own home – which has proved a never-ceasing source of inspiration for her works – the Flo Kasearu House Museum.


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