Daniel Knorr

Remote Note, 2015


Park Jordanowski, bench between two trees


The work is a live transmission of a person that is located in another city or state. This person remains anonymous. The person comes from the same country where the performance takes place and speaks the same language. For Gdańsk, the transmission will be staged in Polish. The content of the transmission is free to be designed by the anonymous person and relates to his or hers personal experiences and surroundings.

The work relates to the bio-political changes occurring in the world due to migration and the reaction of states towards this phenomenon. The remote person that speaks about his or her life and ordinary everyday experiences is the smallest possible entity – one person – of both the perpetrator and victim at the same time. Dislocated from the actual transmission area, the person is caught in a present time frame in the history of that place. In Gdańsk, the anonymous person speaks to an audience that he or she cannot see and in a location not experienced by this person before. The transmission enables the audience experience a historic connection between the voice and the place and actually it is the audience that materialises an experience to the actual site.


Daniel Knorr (b. 1968) – he lives in Berlin. His individual exhibitions include La Pietra della Rinascita, GAMeC Bergamo; Veni Vidi Napoli, Galeria Fonti Napoli, 2015;  Depression Elevations, Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery Los Angeles, 2013;  Explosion, Kunsthalle Wien, 2012;  Awake Asleep, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, 2009; Scherben bringen Glück, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, 2008; the Romanian Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennial, 2005. He has also participated in numerous group shows. He is interested language, identity, collective memory and political imagination.


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