Adrian ‘Lipskee’ Lipiński, Michał Iwlof

3-Port, 2015


Wolności Square (the ‘patelnia’), at 5:30, 7:30, 9:30 PM


Adrian ‘Lipskee’ Lipiński has taken part in shaping the street culture of Nowy Port. Popping, the street dance that he performs, is deeply rooted in his personal experience of this part of the city, in which the artist grew up and where he lives to this day. Popping is raw movement, based mainly on rigid movements, reminiscent of a machine come alive. In an unusual and paradoxically inhuman way, it conveys the human, the everyday, the ordinary.

3-Port is street stories of Nowy Port, told with movement, sound and image. They go back to the 1970s when the district was brightly illuminated with neon lighting and pulsated with life, through the time when Nowy Port gradually became marginalised, with all the social consequences that this entailed, right up to the most recent time that belongs to ‘Lipskee’s generation and the youth street movements.

The performance is set to music, together with the visuals of the performance, both prepared by another resident of Nowy Port, Michał Iwlof, , will provide a living sound and image portrayal of the district, based on the symbols, also aural, of Nowy Port, which will complement the message of the dance.


Adrian ‘Lipskee’ Lipiński (b. 1986) – a leading representative of street culture, a local resident of Nowy Port and has always lived there. He is a street dance pioneer. He has introduced popping, an unknown, niche form of movement into theatres and TV shows. He is a finalist in the programme ‘Mam Talent’ (I Have Talent) and the international competition Juste Debute in France. Lipskee is above all a dancer, teacher, choreographer and a cultural activist. On the daily basis, he works closely with the Gdańsk Archipelago Cultural Music Stage Gdańsk, where he has been working to create a new generation of dancers and organising cultural events.

Michał Iwlof (b. 1986) – born and bred in Nowy Port, he specialises in audiovisual arts. A film‑maker and graphic artist by passion and profession. He has collaborated with numerous cultural institutions, including the Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture, for which he has been preparing promotional material. Operations Director of Impresariat Artystyczny Beka. He has been an urban artist since always. In 2006 he co‑founded the association New Boogie Down School, which later transformed itself into an art agency promoting hip‑hop.


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