Marta Krześlak, Memory of a Fair, 2023, installation


I collect materials of various textures and experiment with them, looking for a language and method of work that will help me act in a crisis and in unaltered surroundings. I constructed the festival installation using objects already in my possession. The primary criterion for selecting materials was their ability to reflect light.

I was inspired by archival footage of fairs organised and documented in the neighbourhood in the 1990s by Sky Orunia TV. I watched them on YouTube, where they were probably uploaded from VHS tapes. The image occasionally glitches, exposing the familiar trash distortion akin to the pattern on holographic nail tape.

I use this tape in Memory of a Fair, hanging it, all torn, in Orunia’s concert shell. The installation is ethereal, with the ribbons extending far, to benches and trees – like trajectories of an explosion, a visual representation of thoughts, sun rays, obstacles to be passed, a tacky decoration or a collage of materials. Feel free to walk around them, lie on a bench or on the stage. I hope the festival nights are going to be windy, rainy, perhaps even snowy? In these circumstances, the elements of installation thrown onto the band shall and trees will provide the most sensations.

text: Marta Krześlak


MARTA KRZEŚLAK (she/her) graduated from the Multimedia Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Inspired by elements of the landscape, she builds kinetic installations, site-specific situations and records video collages. She experiments with various materials, creating works that are easily deconstructed. Krześlak often transforms objects from one installation into another. The sentimental overtones of her works are informed by kitsch aesthetics and old pop cultural motifs. By setting objects in motion, she proposes a constantly changing point of reference, through which we may get to know both the situation she created and the environment in which we live.

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