Kijek+Adamski (Katarzyna Kijek + Przemysław Adamski)

HD video, 2014

In their project the artistic duo Kijek/Adamski refer directly to the place in which it is presented. The artists evoke the local street grid in the form of a timber framing wall, which bears strong connotations of the ruthless “ordnung” of civilisation. As the growth of vegetation slowly takes place, the map is devoured by moorland, which is associated in many cultures with a magic place. The geometric, cool and static composition transforms into a beautiful, organic, moving image. The artists themselves describe it as a simulation of the way this part of the city is reclaimed by the plant to which the district owes its name. Nature turns a magic full circle.
The cycle of transitions which the artists represent symbolically is not merely a remote artistic vision. This process is unfolding on an ongoing basis. Revolutionary changes, such as demolition of buildings as well as new streets and buildings that appear in their place, can be noticed more easily than a slow cycle which embraces both nature and civilisation.

Katarzyna Kijek (b. 1981), lives and works in Warsaw
Przemysław Adamski (b. 1980), lives and works in Warsaw
Kijek/Adamski is a duo of artists whose practice embraces mainly video, animation and graphic art. From the crossroads of these media they also contribute with music videos (for such artists as Tomasz Stańko, Brodka, Pezet, We Cut Corners, among others), which have received numerous awards in Poland and abroad (in the United States, Japan, France, among other countries).
Both artists studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.