Anna Witkowska and Adam Witkowski (both born 1978) are artists, graduates from the the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts. They work together and individually. Anna in her work uses video, photography, installation and object. Her projects are often synthetic and graphic in character, she introduces elements of texts into them. Professionally, she works in graphic designer, a field she also teaches.

Adam is a lecturer at the Sculpture and Intermedia Department of the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts. He works in such fields as visual arts and sound (radio projects, music for film and theatre, field recordings). He performs in a number of bands like: Gówno, Samorządowcy, Langfurtka, x0 and solo as 0404.

Both artists have taken part in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. In 2011 they were nominated to a prestigious “Views” 2013 Deutsche Bank Foundation Award at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art.

photography: Michał Szlaga

Gdańsk Gdańsk
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