Katerina Badianova, Curtain of Caution, 2023, installation


The work was created in cooperation with the Free Speech programme organised by Gdańsk City of Literature; the curator and author of text is Anna Łazar.

In 2022, tapes creating geometric patterns on the panes of Ukrainian windows became one of the symbols of the war. Pasted to prevent extensive scattering of glass during a blast, they reminded us about the daily struggles of millions of Ukrainians. Curtain of Caution transfers these patterns from the window onto the fabric used to cover it. In just a moment, you can remove the curtain from sight and reveal the pristine window pane. In a country that is not waging a war, we return to an undisturbed view of a tranquil street.

Another element of the installation is a pack of cards – an object titled Temporarily Displaced made based on the graphic design of Ksenia Kovtaniuk. The pack of cards employs screenshots taken during online meetings of a Ukrainian family. Throughout the first year of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, its members continuously changed their place of residence. The collection of screenshots was created by chance. This recording of moments from life testifies to exile, war, mobilisation, resistance and mutual care.

KATERYNA BADIANOVA (she/her) is an artist and art critic who lives and works in Kyiv. She focuses on museology, art theory and art education. Badianova has an MA in art history from the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture. She belongs to the Hudrada association of artists and activists, and is the co-founder and director of Method Fund. Since 2012, she has co-curated (with Lada Nakonechna) and lectured at the Course of Art (https://courseofart.com/) – an independent research and educational programme.

Photo by Maria Svidryk

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