Barbara Gryka, Magic Berries, 2023, video, performance


Barbara Gryka is interested in how young people feel the present, and in what categories they perceive the future. This is why she invited a local band called Three Deaths to her festival project. This punk rock group is rather unique in that its members are aged 10 to 13. Punk music provides them with a space to express their disagreement with the condition of the world and looming visions for its future. The subject of one of the songs we are going to hear during the festival is war and the essence of evil. Another piece was composed especially for NARRACJE, its lyrics inspired by writings on the walls around Orunia that expressed harsh criticism of the authorities.

During NARRACJE, Barbara Gryka will show a video recorded with the band and – together with its members – stage a performance involving hanging medallions with insignia of power on nearby trees.

Three Deaths are Bruno (b. 2010) – bass guitar, vocals, Domino (b. 2010) – guitar, vocals, Alek (b. 2010) – Casio CZ5000, vocals and Stahu (b. 2013) – drums, vocals.


BARBARA GRYKA (she/her) comes from the Polish village of Końskowola. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 2019, she obtained her diploma in Mirosław Bałka’s Studio of Spatial Activities. She is currently a doctoral student at the Sound Action Space Studio led by Katarzyna Krakowiak, PhD, at her alma mater. In her practice, she deals with performative actions, working with people who are not necessarily involved in art. She enjoys engaging in conversations and observing other people, their behaviour and lifestyles. In her project Architecture from the Inside, she visited her neighbours in the Lublin Housing Association, knocking on their doors and asking them for a chat. She is planning to continue her visits to modernist Polish apartment blocks. In the Dance of the Motorcycles, she led a group of eight men on motorbikes who performed a Lublin folk dance.

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