Alicja Czyczel, Becoming Permeated with the World, 2023, sound installation


Choreography is more than just composing dance moves written out for the bodies of dancers. The term also denotes any type of – real and imagined – arrangement of (non)movement in time and space. It can concern more-than-human bodies, objects, dreams, soundscapes, ideas, smells and images. What is more, choreography can offer more than just aesthetic experience, creating conditions for being in the world and a multisensual feeling that one is part of nature and culture, of the community of living, dead, evaporating and decomposing beings. Therefore, choreography creates possibilities for ethical co-being and co-thinking.

The sound choreography composed by Alicja Czyczel invites the NARRACJE audience and Orunia Park regulars to a moment of mindfulness. You will spend it at the local lower pond, in the presence of its water body populated by weeping willows, animals, plants and bacteria. You will spend it in a sense of closeness to your own human/water body. The sounds of the installation soak through tree branches, are reflected from the pond’s surface, immerse in reeds and hair, permeate the ground and skin, and enter into new spatial and affective relations with each other. Czyczel’s choreography is created through knots, murmurs and reflections between the sounding elements and the listening audience. The artist experiments with forms of closeness that require a body to body, matter to matter connection, sometimes taking place through sound, word, imagination and atmospheric phenomena.


ALICJA CZYCZEL (she/her) is a choreographer, educator, performer and facilitator of creative group processes. In her artistic and social work, she focuses on building community through collective care and creating safer spaces for experiencing the pleasure and knowledge coming from the body. Czyczel creates stage choreographies, site-specific actions, workshops for children and adults, interdisciplinary artistic and research projects and sound walks. She is the co-founder of the Common Space collective and member of the Queer Movement Academy.


Instytut Kultury Miejskiej
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