Grażyna M. Olszewska, Watching This TV, I Explored Europe, 2023, installation


Operating between 1989 and 1996, Sky Orunia was one of the first private TV stations in Poland. The channel remains an unforgettable legend of the transformation period, a phenomenon of local history and creativity. Grażyna M. Olszewska’s work recalls its social memory.

In the installation, recollections of programmes broadcast by Sky Orunia are interlaced with personal nostalgia. Individual memory is connected with collective memory, and the history of the TV station interweaves with the history of the district. The programmes proposed by authors of the channel were independent, crazy and not bound by any limitations – unlike the present-day commercial TV stations that offer formats under strict licence frameworks. Despite the lack of concession (Sky Orunia only obtained it in 1994) and actions that often verged on the illegal, the station shared its entertainment resources with viewers, broadcasting films from VHS tapes or accounts from local fairs. It gave various enthusiasts the possibility of creative action, strengthening neighbourhood relations and acting as the pride of the district. The TV station, much like the memory associated with it, did not have a clearly defined programme section or structure.

Collaboration: Adam Barwiński

Thanks to Christian Samp, Agnieszka Haponiuk, Monika Jarząbek, Grzegorz Bryszewski, Katarzyna Wasiutyńska for their help in carrying out the work.


GRAŻYNA M. OLSZEWSKA (she/her) is a visual artist who creates 3D realities, makes music videos and films. She graduated from the Academy of Art in Szczecin and cultural studies from the Silesian University. Olszewska won the main award of the 2019 Young Wolves festival in Szczecin. Her works have been exhibited, among others, at the TRAFO Art Centre in Szczecin, Kronika CCA in Bytom, BWA Wrocław and Survival festival.


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