Accompanying project “Schopenhauera: A Liveable Street”


Schopenhauera: A Liveable Street | installation, 2018

The Inicjatywa Miasto Association and Traffic Design are transforming Schopenhauera into a liveable street. This small street has the potential to turn into an everyday meeting place of the locals. Situated right next to the Oliwa Town Hall of Culture and a market, it may become Oliwa’s most elegant location. Local entrepreneurs and inhabitants of the street joined forces with Inicjatywa Miasto and Traffic Design to create a friendly space, and the festival event is a taster of what this place can become in the future.

Inicjatywa Miasto, the project’s author, is actively involved in transforming Schopenhauera Street: it has so far obtained funds to make new shop signs and repaint the façades of buildings. Members of the Initiative want to bring out and realize the full potential of this place.

Traffic Design has made five shop signs for entrepreneurs operating on Schopenhauera Street. A second-hand shop, hairdresser’s, computer repair business, eating place and grocer’s all received new visual identification. Three designers were invited to create the new shop signs: Gregor Gonsior, Dominik Robak and Mateusz Żywicki.

All signs were painted directly on the façades – this is a traditional and elegant solution, which goes well with Oliwa’s architecture and atmosphere.

The project was co-funded by SKANSKA.

locationArtura Schopenhauera Street

Inicjatywa Miasto (Urban Initiative) strives to create Places – spaces where it is pleasant to be. Members of the Initiative want the streets, squares and parks to be full of people, they are fighting for a friendly and accessible space that encourages fun, leisure, meetings and all forms of human presence.

Traffic Design’s activities are focused on aesthetics and public art. Its main project is the Re:design Festival which involves creating new shop signs for craftsmen and entrepreneurs. The collective is also involved in rejuvenating the image of post-war housing estates.

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