9. Centrum Centrum (PL), The Exhibition of the Last Shell, 2021

film, 6 min 38 sec


A huge shell hanging in an allotment garden is the new axis mundi. The world revolves around it – and that spinning movement can really make you dizzy. Around the shell the seasons change and days come and go like snapshots. Years glide by, without leaving a trace on the rising surface of the water. The world is changing and running around in a disorderly fashion, time and again stumbling on the pothole-filled pavement of reality. Inland cities (finally) turn into seaside ports and resorts, and the once glorified access to the sea becomes not so much a privilege as a curse.
Centrum Centrum travelled to the year 2080 to document a trivial, and therefore unique situation. The opening of the Exhibition of the Last Shell and the atmosphere of a seaside town from the future are hardly different from our present-day reality. People are sitting, talking, drinking and laughing –just another summer afternoon in the allotment gardens. In the heat of the moment, someone even let it slip that the shell is not in fact the last one, and that its double is waiting in the back room, hidden in case someone wanted to steal the original exhibit.
The ultimate disappointed us with its pale everyday hue. People proclaimed the end and the shells are spinning in the spiral of time.


Centrum Centrum (est. 2015) is a heretical institution for whom humanity’s most important measure – is pleasure. Centrum Centrum’s activity is focused on the relationship between former peripheries and global centres in the context of their economic and cultural interdependencies. The authors of this initiative weave threads from the past into the present-day network of correlations. In doing so, they bring to life unusual protagonists – unnoticed objects, overlooked events – aiming to strengthen their presence in contemporary narratives. Centrum Centrum organize events, issue publications, collect objects and situations, initiate debates, run workshops, translate, recycle, reconstruct, care for the soil, grow plants and pick fruit. The founders of Centrum Centrum, Łukasz Jastrubczak and Małgorzata Mazur, live in Szczecin and work at the Szczecin Art Academy.

9. Centrum Centrum (PL), The Exhibition of the Last Shell, 2021

billboard, Komorowskiego Square

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