Curatorial Concept

Field Actions

NARRACJE #11 documents the effects of discovering Gdańsk’s Siedlce district and finding our way around this unknown (for both artists and curators) space. Arriving at the true nature of individual locations was possible thanks to accounts given by local residents, the artists’ inquisitiveness and knowledge shared by historians from the Museum of Gdańsk.

The aim of NARRACJE #11 is eliciting information and creating local micro-narrations about Siedlce. Places and immaterial traces of memory are intertwined, determining the community-based mental space and continuously (re)constructing the district’s history. Field Actions tell the story of looking for and building a local identity and identifying with the place you live in. By analysing the local context, festival narratives of places and events often reach for fiction, occasionally looking towards the future.

Take a walk with us and interact with the current space and history of Gdańsk’s Siedlce district through contemporary art.

Sylwia Szymaniak, Sarmen Beglarian

Instytut Kultury Miejskiej
Długi Targ 39/40, Gdańsk

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Instytut Kultury Miejskiej Miasto Gdańsk GGM
Narracje 11

Narracje 11