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7. Maya Gordon, Tea over the Years, 2019


installation, performance

Autobiographical themes are perceptible in Maya Gordon’s work – the artist draws inspiration not only from her childhood memories, but also from current events. The memory of a child and the memory of a grown woman have a strong influence on her artistic practice and often become intertwined. In her works, Gordon repeatedly revisits her dreams and imaginations, extracting them from the passing of time. By using balloons in her installations, she symbolically emphasizes the ephemeral character of memory.

The installation she prepared for the Siedlce edition of NARRACJE consists of a sizeable teapot with illustrations hand-drawn by the artist, representing a small girl and a grown woman engaged in a dance. Gordon perceives dance as a metaphor of life, whereas the act of drinking tea symbolizes contemplation of the present, preservation of memories and a pretext for conversation.

During her performance, the artist plays with fantasies where reality becomes illusion.


Maya Gordon is a visual artist working with various techniques, such as drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, video, and installation. She is a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, and completed her post-graduate studies in Atelier 63, Haarlem as well as Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, the Netherlands.



Children’s hospital

The inconspicuous building on 37A Zakopiańska St. has an extraordinary history. It was erected in 1927 on the initiative of the retired president of the Gdańsk police, Max Wessel, and doctor Johannes Storp. The institution located in the building, named Wessel-Storp-Haus after its founders, provided care for disabled children from the Free City area.

In May 1945, a children’s hospital run by Franciscan nuns was established there, which in 1949 became part of the municipal hospital. Initially, this was where children with tuberculosis were treated, but due to high infectivity of the disease and high urban density of the district, this was not a safe solution and adult wards were eventually moved there. Currently the building serves children once again: it houses a school and a kindergarten.

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7. Maya Gordon, Tea over the Years, 2019

Studio 57 on 57 Kartuska St. (entrance from the yard)

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