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4. Monika Drożyńska, Difficulty and Gratitude, 2019



The installation expresses various emotions, such as sadness, gratitude, deep affection, and perplexity. These are the feelings that accompanied the artist during her field studies in the Siedlce district.

Drożyńska used to rent an atelier in the Zabłocie district of Kraków. The neighbourhood was not popular at the time: accessible by only one tram, and the conditions in the studios were far from comfortable. However, it was relatively cheap and the atmosphere was conducive to organizing artistic events. The studios in Zabłocie no longer exist, having been replaced by apartment buildings. New residents have moved in and the newly-opened Museum of Contemporary Art drew tourists to the district. The process of gentrification, which profited from the presence of artists looking for cheap studios and a place for collective actions, caused irreversible changes in that part of the city.

In the context of that experience, Drożyńska wonders about the future of Siedlce – will new investment projects change the character of this district as well? What is the role of art – including Drożyńska’s own art – in the process? The joy of creation and sharing is marred by fear and inner conflict…


Monika Drożyńska is a visual artist and activist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, where she is currently working on her PhD. She works with hand embroidery and textiles, and creates socially engaged projects, often located in public spaces. Drożyńska received scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Visegrad Artist Residency Programme. She is the founder of “Złote Rączki” (Skilful Fingers) School of Embroidery for Ladies and Gentlemen, and a member of Kolektyw Złote Rączki (Skilful Fingers Collective). Her works are featured in the collections of Bunkier Sztuki and the National Museum in Kraków.



Malczewskiego Street

Malczewskiego St., extending along almost the entire length of Siedlce, runs parallel to Kartuska St. Although it owes its name to the famous painter Jacek Malczewski, before the war it was located above Środkowa St. (“Middle Street”, currently Ogińskiego) and Dolna St. (“Lower Street”, currently Szara) and named according to the district’s topography: Górna St. (“Upper Street”). It was inhabited by workers who lived in modest wattle-and-daub houses which – until recently – gave a unique charm to the neighbourhood. Now, however, the buildings from the turn of the 20th century give way to modern gated communities.

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4. Monika Drożyńska, Difficulty and Gratitude, 2019

above the roadway near 130A Malczewskiego St.

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