Agnieszka Szreder, fot. Michał Moniuszko
Marta Handschke, fot. Wojciech Skrzypczyński

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3. Marta Handschke, Aga Szreder, Skipping Rope, 2019


spatial and sound installation
fragment of the Stories from the Shadows series

Marta Handschke: text, voice
Grzegorz Nawrocki: sound

Aga Szreder: object, shadow
Rafał Żwirek, Jan Szreder: construction support

According to the methodology employed in most recent sociological studies, the school is not a cluster of children or teenagers – schools are attended by boys and girls. Using this division, researchers of violent behaviours have observed a correlation between sex and violence.

It was demonstrated that boys engage in various types of violent behaviours three times more often than girls, particularly as perpetrators of violence using objects and sexual violence – the latter tends to be construed as a compliment or introduction to courtship. Although the #metoo campaign greatly improved the awareness of personal boundaries, many girls are still unable to name their feelings and say “NO” or “STOP” to their oppressors.

As long as victims of sexual violence do not receive adequate support – each time an abuse takes place – and as long as teachers and peers fail to react, perpetrators get a clear message that their behaviours are tolerated.

(Based on fragments of a conversation with Iwona Chmura-Rutkowska who was interviewed by Hanna Zielińska on Tok FM radio).

Stories from the Shadows is a series of six installations recalling forgotten or unknown events and figures related to the history of Siedlce.


Marta Handschke is a photographer by profession who mostly works with applied graphic design and illustration. She graduated in Photography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Handschke designs record covers and posters, among others. She collaborated with Gazeta Wyborcza as an illustrator and feature writer. She has been active on the Tricity music scene for years, for instance as a singer in Oczi Cziorne and Kobiety. She also writes lyrics. Her debut book, Brzuch Matki Boskiej (Our Lady’s Belly), was published in 2018.


Aga Szreder is a visual artist, graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (2006). Her works mostly deal with the relationship between the world and nature; she explores people’s role as catchers of everyday existence. She works with various media. Her latest installation that employed shadows was presented as part of the “Babiniec” art project and workshop, organized in 2019 by Bram Cukerman’s Foundation in the public space of Będzin.



More than a decade ago, the nearby school was shaken by a tragic event: during classes, when the teacher left the room, a group of boys sexually harassed their fourteen-year-old classmate. The whole event was recorded on a mobile phone. Soon afterwards, the humiliated girl hanged herself with a skipping rope.
Could this horrendous story – and a number of similar ones happening throughout the country – have been avoided, if schools had implemented a comprehensive sexual education programme? Victims, perpetrators and witnesses of sexual harassment all require knowledge in that respect. Adequate education should also be addressed to parents and teachers, providing them with tools to recognize harmful behaviours, prevent their escalation and properly react to dangerous incidents. Young people should undergo assertiveness training in order to be able to defend their boundaries and protect their peers who need support.

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3. Marta Handschke, Aga Szreder, Skipping Rope, 2019

lamp post near 140 Malczewskiego St.

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