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19. Tymek Bryndal, Rondo, 2019


performative sound installation

While it may be hard to believe today, Siedlce was once famous for its cafés and bars – and Tymek Bryndal’s installation draws on these traditions. Through his work, the artist recalls the atmosphere of the legendary Rondo Club, which used to be located in the round building on Zakopiańska St.

Rondo was an entertainment venue that acted like a magnet: hugely popular among people from the region, it even attracted festive souls from far-off parts of the country. And although the club closed down more than a decade ago, its memory still brings a smile of nostalgia to the faces of its regulars and residents of Siedlce.

By placing a reconstructed DJ stand in front of the former club building, Bryndal brings back the party atmosphere and animated social life it once stood for. The characteristic structure, prepared specially for NARRACJE, was recreated based on archive photographs provided by former owners and employees of the club. Music will also be part of the installation: the artist invited DJs, who used to play at Rondo or were its residents.

By recreating the club’s atmosphere, Tymek Bryndal’s work will provide an opportunity to revive the community spirit of the neighbourhood and celebrate Rondo’s long-standing history.


Tymek Bryndal is a visual artist, graduate of the Faculty of Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he currently works as an assistant in Prof. Mirosław Bałka’s Studio of Spatial Activities. Bryndal holds an art scholarship awarded by the city of Warsaw. His work blends the graphic arts, video, sculpture and performance. Bryndal, who has recently become fascinated with space, is also a musician playing in Pokusa and ABBBA, among others, and author of theatre music.




The district of Siedlce experienced rapid development after the war, but was lacking in entertainment venues. This inspired Kazimierz Sołtan and Stefan Łopatiuk to seek permission to open a public house here. They obtained a building permit in 1968 – the one-storey pavilion was to stand at the junction of Zakopiańska and Wyczółkowskiego St. The interesting form of the structure – its main part is rotunda-shaped – resulted from the specific shape of the plot. Inside the building, apart from a sizable main hall, there was a lobby, kitchen, boiler room and back rooms. Rondo became one of the most popular entertainment venues in Tricity. The club, for years managed by the Koszałko family, gained legendary status.
The building of a former club now houses a supermarket.

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19. Tymek Bryndal, Rondo, 2019

car park on 2 Zakopiańska St.

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