Aleksandra Went, fot. Wojciech Skrzypczyński
Alicja Karska, fot. Izabela Miecznikowska
Alicja Karska, fot. Izabela Miecznikowska

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12. Alicja Karska / Aleksandra Went, Board, 2019



Layered, wood-based OSB boards are a popular construction material. In the woodworking industry, they are often manufactured using elements salvaged from demolished houses. The recovered material is fragmented, making it impossible to recognize what it was made of: pieces of painted floorboards, panelling, furniture, or a special type of straw that was once used to insulate buildings. The production process removes all traces of previous usage – and users.

Boarded up windows are a common sight, not just in the Siedlce district of Gdańsk, where many buildings have been awaiting demolition for years. OSB is meant to protect the space against intruders. Its presence heralds the devastation of deserted living spaces.

The artists decided to produce boards using elements salvaged from recently demolished houses.


Alicja Karska and Aleksandra Went are visual artists who have been working together since their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (2002). They create installations, series of photographs, book art, films and videos. Many of their works are focused on memory and returning what has been overlooked and forgotten to the field of culture.



Great Ravine

At least until the 18th century, Siedlce and Suchanino were joined by a route called Große Molde – meaning Great Ravine – that ran along what today is Skarpowa Street. In the 19th century, only the lower section of the street was developed with buildings. The area gradually began to be built up more after the Second World War.

The development boom happened in the 1920s. In the first half of the decade, architect Bruno Bahr presented his concept for building up the upper section of Skarpowa Street. As a result, small houses with an adjoining plot of land began to crop up in the neighbourhood, each comprising four two-room apartments.

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12. Alicja Karska / Aleksandra Went, Board, 2019

next to the residential building on 46 Skarpowa St.

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