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11. Piotr Wysocki, Fight, 2019


video, 4’42’’

The film depicts a dance battle between young Poles and Chechens. The scenery is an underground parking lot of the longest building in Warsaw located on Kijowska St. in the Praga Północ district. The artist shows a meeting between the East and West taking place in contemporary Poland, which is becoming more and more diverse in terms of its national and cultural composition.

Piotr Wysocki’s video refers to the American street dance tradition from the 1960s. This form of dance, created by young people, was meant to set them apart from the rest of the society, expressing rebellion and defiance in the face of reality. Young people would often take to dance to satisfy their need for competition and to test themselves.

The fight we see in the film is not settled, the artist does not state which of the dancers proved better. Instead, in the video Wysocki seems to propose alternative solutions to possible conflicts: rather than resorting to fists, he suggests to let off steam through art – and dancing together.


Piotr Wysocki is a visual artist, author of films and video installations. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw: in Prof. Jarosław Modzelewski’s studio at the Faculty of Painting and in Prof. Grzegorz Kowalski’s Studio of Audiovisual Space at the Faculty of Sculpture. In 2009, Wysocki was nominated for the Paszport Polityki award. In 2011, he made it to the finals of the Views Competition organized by the Deutsche Bank Foundation and Zachęta National Gallery of Art.



Cult hangout

According to accounts provided by people from neighbouring houses, the present-day garages are located on the spot previously occupied by a sports field that was greatly popular among young residents of Siedlce.  Above the square, above the garages, there is a hidden clearing – a viewpoint offering one of the most beautiful vistas of Gdańsk. Locals used to hold picnics there and spend time playing with their children. Nowadays, the hill is overgrown and the beautiful scenery on top is most often enjoyed by numerous groups of alcohol-consuming individuals – many of whom regard it as a cult hangout. As they go up the hill, they are welcomed by a graffiti reading: “lights / camera / action”.

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Narracje 11