Mikołaj Biberstein-Starowieyski, fot. Michał Moniuszko

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10. Mikołaj Biberstein-Starowieyski, Community Spatial Form, 2019


spatial installation

Under the participatory budget scheme, local residents managed to close off and redevelop a meeting-friendly community space next to the building on 30D Zakopiańska St. Unfortunately, soon after it opened, all decorative stone sculptures went missing. Mikołaj Biberstein-Starowieyski found out about it while looking for local stories and talking to the residents – the account inspired his project realized under the Field Activities programme.

During the workshops attended by a group of locals, the artist – together with the participants – worked out the form and Neoplastic colour scheme of the garden sculpture meant to fill the gap in the desolate space. The joint work led to the development of a model object, whose final form and size were adapted by the artist to the parameters of the installation spot. Community Spatial Form was his gift to the locals. During NARRACJE, the installation will be exhibited together with a documentation of preceding activities shown in display cases.


Mikołaj Biberstein-Starowieyski is a visual artist. He studied architecture at the Białystok University of Technology (1998–2000) and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Damascus (2000) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2000–2005). Biberstein-Starowieyski won the 1st prize in SARP’s architectural competition for the development of the Vistula river bank in Warsaw’s Powiśle district (2004). He was one of the founders of the Saturator club in Warsaw and organizer of the Queer Festival (2007–2010).



A modern housing estate

At first sight, the housing estate located between Zakopiańska and Wieniawskiego St. resembles contemporary architecture. Yet when it was created in the late 1920s, it was one of the most modern urban layouts in Gdańsk.

Architects Bruno and Heinz Bahr broke with the traditional arrangement of buildings and decided to situate the houses perpendicularly to the street. By doing so, they opened up garden spaces between the buildings and ensured optimum levels of light in apartments, adequate access to fresh air and amazing views stretching towards the valley and downtown Gdańsk.

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10. Mikołaj Biberstein-Starowieyski, Community Spatial Form, 2019

green area on 30D Zakopiańska St.

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