Tomasz Gwinciński + 441 Hz Chamber Choir

Syrius 2
composition for the choir, 2014

During this year’s NARRACJE the 441 Hz Chamber Choir headed by Anna Wilczewska will perform a piece and a libretto created by Tomasz Gwinciński specifically for this occasion.
The composition is to open the listeners to a non-linear reception of the work and highlight the spatial relation between the audience and the performer. The artist himself formulates this intention as follows: In this attempt to sharpen the furthest elements of perspective we can see how very rational we wish to be. Be it for the reason of how the brain is built or out of laziness we assume that everything has to follow a certain order. However, the problem is the lack of a system of order, and further, the lack of a system WHERE. Questioning the dimension of time in Gwinciński’s composition brings to mind the discoveries of mystics, with which science could not come to terms for a very long time. An interesting and important aspect of the performance within Narracje will be the participation of the composer himself, who will take the role of the narrator.

Tomasz Gwinciński (b. 1963), lives and works in Leśna.
Composer, contributes with soundtracks for films and theatre plays, screenwriter, film director. Collaborates regularly with film and theatre directors, among them Paweł Passini and Wojciech Kościelniak.
In 1990, the famous music group Trytony was formed upon his initiative, where he performed alongside Sławomir Janicki (double bass) and Jacek Buhl (drums). Trytony played a major role in the formation of the yass scene. The followers of the genre included, among others, Gdańsk-based musicians Jerzy Mazzoll, Mikołaj Trzaska i Tymon Tymański.
As an instrumentalist and composer he travelled a long way across styles: from punk rock, which he was dealing with in the 1980s, to broadly understood jazz music (groups Miłość, Trytony, Arythmic Perfection, Niebieski Lotnik, Maestro Trytony), to an eclectic mix of modern chamber music, electro-acoustic music and various pop genres. Since 2000, he has also composed music for feature and documentary films.
He studied medicine in Łódź and composition under Bogusław Schaeffer.