Murcof | VJ Oskar Zamek-Gliszczyński

live act, 2014

The culmination of this year’s NARRACJE is the concert of the Mexican musician Fernando Corona Murillo, who performs under the moniker Murcof. Since the beginning of his activity, Murcof has operated between two seemingly contradictory kinds of aesthetics. On the one hand, an essential part in his music is played by precision and attention to sound details, which he generates and controls by means of an electronic set of instruments; on the other hand, his compositions are permeated with profound spirituality connected with the most fundamental existential questions.
Murcof constantly balances between minimalism and sparseness, fascination with baroque opulence, penchant for ambient slowly unfolding landscapes as well as techno rigidity that sets the body in an involuntary motion.
The artist does not build any barrier between the world of acoustic, analogue and digital sounds. He collaborates with groups that deal with contemporary music and his albums may be found to echo such composers as Arvo Pärt or Henryk Górecki. Owing to his numerous inspirations with such a variety of currents, styles and genres, he performed at many prestigious festivals worldwide – from Barcelona’s Sonar, to the cult Montreaux Jazz Festival, to London’s The Peter Harrison Planetarium.
We are sure that the dualism of Murcof’s music will fully reflect the premise of this year’s NARRACJE.


Oskar Zamek-Gliszczyński (b. 1981), lives and works in Gdynia.
Deals with graphic art, motion graphics, web design, video editing as well as animation and VJing. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Creator of the complete identification (graphic art + video spots) for the event Coast2Coast at the club Żak in Gdańsk. Awarded the Golden Eagle Award in 2009 in the category “Advertising – Multimedia Campaign”. He has worked on the video identity of the festivals Transvizualia, OSA as well as events and exhibitions within the cycle Wrzeszcz ART! organised by the Artists’ Colony.