Transcription – Alicja Czyczel



you’re breathing
take a deep breath in
and let the air out slowly

pay attention
to how you feel in your body today, right now

when you’re breathing
your chest and diaphragm move
pay attention to this movement
high and low tide
rising and falling
your chest and diaphragm
pay attention to this movement

you’re taking part in the gas exchange
algae, bacteria, plants, trees, plankton – they give you oxygen, you give them carbon dioxide

when you breathe in, the world enters you
you’re fed by the far-off oxygen-producing ocean phytoplankton
when you breathe out, you become one with the atmosphere
you’re fed by the drifting geographies of photosynthesis and shared being

when you breathe in, the world enters you from the nose and mouth through the throat and larynx
these are not just anatomical names; find these places in your body
nose mouth throat larynx trachea intercostal muscles diaphragm left and right lung
arteries pulmonary veins blood blood circulation system
sound of heartbeats]
your heart is beating
[sound of heartbeats]
each time you breathe in and breathe out
[sound of heartbeats]
you establish a relationship between your body and its surroundings
[sound of heartbeats]
which questions the limits of what is inside and what is outside

I’m speaking
the air pumped by my vocal chords
makes them vibrate
this is how speech comes about
my speech, moistening soundwaves
the resounding carnality – recorded, addressed and played back just for you

I’d like to invite you to follow my proposals
if you feel that something doesn’t do you good or you’d rather do it your own way, follow what you need in the given moment

words may be evocative
they change reality
you can negotiate their influence
and adapt their impact as you see fit

arrange your body in a relaxed position
stand comfortably
stretch if you feel like it
if you want to – close your eyes
give them a short rest
you can listen with your eyes closed

breathe in through the nose and breathe out, slooowly, resonantly, through the mooouth

when you breathe in through the nose
the air vibrates and touches the epithelium lining your nasal cavity
the air you breathe out is purified, moist and warm
direct your attention to the nostrils
the nasal passage
breathe in through the nose
what is the temperature of the air you breathe in?
breathe out through the mouth
feel the temperature of the air you breathe out

heat exchange

when you breathe out through the mouth
particles of steam leave your tongue, moistening the leaf blade of the plant
growing right next to you

if your eyes are still closed
open them and look ahead
look behind you
what’s around you?

arrange your body in a relaxed position
stand comfortably
stretch if you feel like it
and place your hand on your heart

if possible, feel the rhythm of its beating
its gentle ticking
incessant throbbing
the brittle moments when the muscles contract and relax

observe how the rhythm of your breathing
undulation inhalation and exhalation
combines with the rhythm of your heartbeats
[rhyme: heartbeats / breathing rhythms]

notice how your body is just there
and that’s enough
you don’t have to do anything
you don’t have to want anything
the fact you exist means a lot
trillions of cells and bacteria
most of them die multiple times
and are recreated from scratch
throughout your life

look at the pond

what do you see?

follow its shoreline with your gaze

if you’re a blind or visually impaired person, ask the person accompanying you or standing next to you to describe the pond’s shoreline

as you look
as you listen
visually tangibly in your imagination
you discover

what shape is the pond?

how big is it?

what’s the distance from one bank to the other?

does the wind swoosh in the tree tops today?

what’s the lay of the land?

the cradle of soil with stagnant water

the ground supports its weight
the liquid is not completely absorbed
the pit evaporates and gets soaked

have you ever wondered how much does this water body weighs?

willows drink water when they weep
their roots and branches your hair
absorb the cool dampness
you become soaked with particles of the pond

your body harbours a lot of water
in the organs
in the bones
in the brain
in the kidneys
in the heart
in the blood
in the blood circulation system the watering place
water spreads in the ecosystem in various forms, acting as a solvent, a carrier of nutrients and toxins
you have it inside you – it constitutes several dozen per cent of your body
you’re a water body
you soak in
leak out
getting drenched
drifting away
pouring out
you’re effusive
you merge with the surroundings

now look at the powerful silhouettes of the trees
what colours do you see?

green chlorophyll needs sunlight and warm temperatures
the autumn is grey and brown and golden
chlorophyll decomposes and disappears
creating the possibility for other colours to show up
carrots egg yolks tomatoes

breathe in deeply through the nose – what is the smell of your surroundings?
your nostrils are filled with the chemical compounds evaporating from the decomposing leaves
l’eau de parfum (scented water)
the microscopic scale of this fragrance composition
invisible to the human eye

bacteria / insects / a snail shell / mycelium / traces of rodents

when you were a tiny mammal
you were floating breathing in the amniotic fluid
reacting to the taste and smell of substances dissolved in it
material sensuality
in the belly of a certain person
that came out of the belly of another person
in the water past
your body, skin, organs remember
your mother swimming in the belly of your grandmother
every time you become immersed
you swim away through the birth canal
with a stream of fluid
into a breath/scream
and seeing in the air

your great ancestor came out to land from the water
her fossilized fin and scales
look beautiful in a 3D reconstruction

evolution is not a linear process
it’s more of a tangled submarine glitch
undulating under the influence
of the Sun and Moon’s gravitation
the regular movement of masses of ocean water
another – after breathing and heartbeats – rhythm
of rising and falling
of high and low tide
[rhyme: breathing rhythms / heartbeats / breathing of water masses / movements / rhythms / a regular pattern / of rising and falling]

maybe you’re feeling a bit chilly from all this standing
you can jump a few times if you feel like it
allow yourself to land along with the force of gravitation
warm up
change your place
move your toes
rub your hands
turn around
move your head and neck
feel your labyrinth
a genuine labyrinth filled with liquid

look around
we’re in constant motion
to the rhythm of dusks and dawns
following the Sun in the sky
the moonlight and the telephone screen
plants defy gravitation
their remains fall to the bottom of ancient seas

the pond isn’t motionless either
its fluid matter moves upwards
circulating between heaven and earth
allowing us to enjoy the sounds of rain

we’re tangled up with one another
with the dying species and the invention of electricity
with solastalgia and ecosocialism
with smog microplastics floods and the internet
with recognizing the Oder and Dnipro rivers as legal persons
with social justice and abortion rights
with closing down coal mines and glitter
with ecocide the demand for cobalt with helplessness and anger
with racism and satellites polluting the circumterrestrial orbits
with love hope and barbed wire
with love

words are evocative
my tears dry up on your face

breathe in through the nose and breathe out, slooowly, resonantly, through the mouth
and go to the platform on the opposite bank

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