Curatorial Concept


PRZERÓBKA EXPO. We’ve been here, we are here, we will remain


Przeróbka* has so little when it could have everything – an unlimited potential whose elements may be sensed, discussed, and designed. What statues can we imagine when looking into Przeróbka’s future? What ideas and attitudes will we put on a pedestal? 

To us, the motto commemorated on the erratic boulder standing here – “We’ve been here, we are here, we will remain” – is an interspecies mix of past human activities, the present-day local environment and the potential of all non-human creatures that will appear here. We want to be close to the Earth and promote the idea of an interspecies community based on abandoning old customs and destructive habits and adapting them to a new imagination. We need an alteration – a major one! 

World Expos are the largest exhibitions showcasing the achievements of countries, cities, and communities. Very often, they are centred around the various challenges we have to face. We would therefore like to invite you to EXPO Przeróbka! Let’s meet and look for enlightening clues in the underestimated and the marginal.

*a district of Gdańsk whose name translates as “alteration” or “adaptation”

Instytut Kultury Miejskiej
Długi Targ street 39/40

Contact for media:
tel. 784 594 003

Instytut Kultury Miejskiej GGM Miasto Gdańsk
Narracje #13