Ula Zerek, Accessible Passage, 2023, installation


Ula Zerek’s work draws attention to daily problems associated with moving around Orunia. The railway tracks here ruthlessly create a division that is hard to cross and perceptible in both the literal and symbolic dimension. This installation invites viewers to participate, teaching sensitivity to various levels of accessibility of everyday locations.

Zerek’s choice of an underground passage for her work marks the inception of a game the artist draws us into. Structures such as this one are made to increase the accessibility of urban spaces. However, the Orunia underpass – like many others – is a confusing, cold and gloomy place that provokes a sense of entrapment and isolation. While connecting, it separates. While facilitating, it causes difficulties.

The artistic installation is structured using light, movement and sound, creating an atmosphere that evokes a dreamlike illusion. In it, the practical functions of an underpass are juxtaposed with the liberated desire for free flow. The space, warmed up and removed from reality, offers respite, shelter and a sense of security that are normally sorely missed in this place.

Idea: Ula Zerek
Music: Loco Star
Video: Alina Żemojdzin


ULA ZEREK (she/her) is a dancer, performer, choreographer and producer rooted in the Tricity dance stage. She works at the intersection of dance, performance and theatre. Zerek is the author of interdisciplinary choreographic projects and choreographies for theatre productions. In many of her original works, dance merges with other art forms. Since 2004, she has worked with the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, contributing to its multiple productions over the years. In 2018, Zerek co-founded the Polka dot foundation, which she still runs today, to develop and broaden the field of dance art and choreography.


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