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Gnojki Collective, Festival Club BOTTOM


We meet at the bottom, standing up to our knees in frothy silt. Each attempt to get out resembles a sensual dance. We all look the same from afar. There is no one else to go under; we’re all down here already.


This year’s club will really take you to the BOTTOM. The bar will be catered for by Lang.fuhr, and all the rest – music, arrangement and atmosphere – are down to the Gnojki Collective.

Gnojki is a social and artistic collective founded in 2016 in the spa town of Sopot. They organise hybrid meetings centred around dance and exhibitions in locations that are not suited for said purpose, working to promote the smallest giants of visual and sound art. Members of the collective are hypothetically related (in the 16th degree). During NARRACJE, Gnojki Collective will be musically represented by: Jakona Tamma, Pol-Tom Ecke Sport, and Sto Koni Zwierząt.

Gnojki Collective, Festival Club BOTTOM

hala 25b, Grupa Profit, teren dawnych ZNTK, ul. Siennicka 25

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