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6. Józef Gałązka, The View, Fruits Vegetables, 2019


The View, 2019
mobile sculpture workshop and art presentation point

The View, 2019
film documenting the route from the Tatras to the Sea

Still Life – Fruits Vegetables, 2019
chocolate sculpture

Fruits Vegetables, 2019
steel shop sign

In June 2019, Józef Gałązka criss-crossed Poland with a carriage he made based on his own design, where he created and presented his sculptures. Gałązka made his journey from the Tatras to the Sea stopping at places that are important for the Polish identity, at holiday resorts, small towns, museums and galleries as well as spots famous for their beautiful nature and unspoilt landscapes. The project is accompanied by a film documenting the artist’s holiday journey.

During NARRACJE, the artist will also present an edible chocolate sculpture. The work, created in a style that brings to mind Baroque paintings, will depict a still life composition of fruits and vegetables.

Gałązka has also designed and created a shop sign in the form of a bas-relief for Siedlce. His Fruits Vegetables has replaced the ugly banner on a local shop that was a blot on the landscape. This is the artist’s permanent contribution to improving the aesthetics of Kartuska St. in Gdańsk and a gesture of approval for the unique architecture of the pavilion.


Józef Gałązka is a sculptor, author of drawings, photographs and films.  He graduated from the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (2016) and the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2018).  His works are focused on interpersonal relations. Gałązka’s art highlights the interrelationships between humans and nature as well as humans, place and identity. Gałązka was one of the finalists of the 2017 Hestia’s Artistic Journey competition.



Green area on Ciasna Street

The green area on the corner of Ciasna and Kartuska St., with its spectacular old trees, is the only remainder of a popular entertainment venue. This was where Cafe Friedrichshain was founded by Augustyn Drążkowski in 1910. The restaurant had an outdoor part – in the spring and summer season, customers could eat among carefully cultivated greenery. The place was popular among local Polish inhabitants, who frequently organized meetings there. After Drążkowski’s death, the restaurant was taken over by his wife Maria. In March 1945, the building was set on fire by Soviet soldiers; what remained of the restaurant burned down in 1950. The only surviving element was the nature: the current green square was formed on its basis in 1970.

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6. Józef Gałązka, The View, Fruits Vegetables, 2019

shop and green area on 66 Kartuska St.

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