Workshop for children and parents “Cyanotype –Light-Sensitive Oliwa”


moderation: Magda Suska

when: 16th–17th Nov 2018, 6–8 p.m.

where: Młynek Sztuki and Collodion Photography Studio, Obrońców Westerplatte 34

information: no registration required | you may join the workshop at any time, subject to availability

Cyanotype is one of the first photographic techniques ever invented. It was developed in 1842 by Sir John Herschel. Making prints using this technique is great fun and a fantastic introduction to the secrets of analogue photography. Cyanotype is a safe method that may be used to obtain prints of plants, flowers or cut-outs, which gain a beautiful blue hue in the resulting image. The image is created through contact-based exposure of objects on paper soaked in a light-sensitive solution that becomes darker under the influence of sunlight.

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Instytut Kultury Miejskiej Miasto Gdańsk
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Narracje 10

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