Natalia Osuch + Dominik Rudasz

RGB / Real Ghost Bardo
video, sound, video-installation, 2014

The installation RGB/Real Ghost Bardo forms part of a larger project Bardo by the couple of Tri-City artists. According to the Buddhist tradition, Bardo is an intermediate state between dying and being born anew. The artists relate this state directly to the architectural tissue of Wrzeszcz, and more precisely the Sobótka Hill as a place with a high energetic load and rich spiritual history.
Originally, they wanted to focus on a building owned by TVP Gdańsk (unfortunately, the TV station refused to collaborate), the former restaurant of Masonic lodges ”Zur Kette an der Weichsel” and “Zum Drei Säule”. RGB literally evokes the spirit of TV images, which contain information that comes from beyond the real world because it is recorded on analogue and digital carriers. White noise offers the ghosts, demons, voices and images of the dead the possibility to communicate. Thus, they try to get their stories across to us.
The installation is complemented by its soundtrack, which combines fragments of the Tibetan Book of the Dead read aloud with media noise originating from the archival broadcasts of the Gdańsk TV as well as meditative music.

Natalia Osuch (b. 1981), lives and works in Gdańsk.
Deals with video installations, illustrations, music and yoga. Collaborates with the theatre scene of Sopot. Works individually but often also in a duo with Dominik Rudasz.
Graduate of Institut d’Arts Visuels d’Orléans. Her works have been presented at festivals Transvizualia, ArtLoop, OSA (Open Source Art), NARRACJE and Animation Now!.

Dominik Rudasz (b. 1977), lives and works in Gdańsk.
He deals theoretically and practically with socially engaged art, activities in public space, cultural animation and education. His main area of interest is the impact of art on social and political reality.
Graduate in philosophy and art history of the University of Gdańsk. PhD student at the Philological Doctoral Studies at the University of Gdańsk. Between 2012 and 2014, resident of the Artists’ Colony. Co-organiser with CCA Łaźnia (2009-2014) of educational-artistic projects, including Reanimation of Space, aimed at revitalising the Lower City in Gdańsk.