Ballady i Romanse

time and location: Festival Club 49a Hall, shipyard, 15/11 Thursday, 9.00 pm, concert: BALLADY I ROMANSE

The band has been created by Wrońskas sisters, Zuza and younger Basia (lead vocal in Pustki). Two Girls had recorded their first LP album “Ballady i Romanse” at home, using all kinds of unconventional tools, like kitchen equipment to generate rhythms etc.
The first LP album was published by Warsaw independent label Raster Gallery, was critically acclaimed and very well received. The band was nominated for the annual price “Kryształy Zwierciadły” of Zwierciadło Magazine in 2009 and for “Elle Style Awrds” in 2009.
Their second LP inspired by the Polish poet, Nobel price winner, Czesław Miłosz, was published on March 29th 2011, and was called “Zapomnij” (Forget) after Miłosz’ poem.
The second album is completely different then the first one, offering much more daring and stronger sounds. The lyrics are not just sung indifferently, girls treat music with ease but also with respect. They use live instruments like clarinet, saxophone, cello, piano, violin, with dense arrangement, dynamic drums or blurred bass.

Ballady i Romanse tour all over Poland, they performed during Open’er Festival in Gdynia and OFF Festival in Katowice.
Their second Album was critically acclaimed and very well received, named the best LP of 2011.