Piotr Wyrzykowski [Poland]

How to Educate a Ruler?

location: auditorium of the  Seondary School, 6 Wały Piastowskie Str

This work turns American author Robert Greene’s infamous book 48 Laws of Power into the platform for an interactive installation. Claiming to have discovered its pages as part of a 17th century handbook used to teach young men the proper (if harsh) practices of political rulers, Wyrzykowski creates hypnotic 3D renderings of ominous instruction.

Piotr Wyrzykowski (aka Peter Style) – media artist. Born in Gdansk. Lives in Gdansk and Kyiv.
Studied interior design and painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk. Debuted as a performer in 1990, as part of the duet Ziemia Mindel – Wurm. In his work the artist makes use of digital technologies: video, photography, the internet and sound creating performances, installations, projects in public space, network projects and multimedia performances. Frequently collaborates with other artists, musicians and Djs, initiating artistic groups and experimental projects. Co-funder and art director of CUKT – Centralny Urząd Kultury Technicznej [Central Office of Technical Culture] which was active within 1995-2001.