We are the driving force behind the cultural events in the urban space of Gdansk, exploring the ever-changing culture of the here and now, as well as providing inspiration and support for the cultural sector in the city and the region. We are here with and for the citizens of Gdansk, as The City Culture Institute is an open-door institution organising numerous lectures, film retrospectives, chamber concerts, craft workshops, and trainings. We make possible literature and art festivals held in the public space, social events in the city, and city tours by Local Guides, as well as conducting studies in the Cultural Observatory, and publishing books. Our focus is on the open culture of Gdansk and its nooks and crannies – the one which is created for and with the citizens.


Gdańsk City Gallery (GGM) is a self-governmental cultural institution founded in 2009. The GGM comprises three branches: GGM1 in Piwna St., GGM2 in Powroźnicza St., and Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk – 4G, situated on the corner of Szeroka St. and Grobla I St. Located in the proximity of each other, in central Główne Miasto, the three spaces function as city salons, where progressive, often experimental contemporary art combines with reflection on broadly understood culture and society. The name, Gdańsk City Gallery, reveals the perspectives of our activity. Firstly it locates our operations at the level of the city, and therefore the GGM is dedicated particularly to artists, activists, theorists, scholars, youth, students, elderly people, or, to put it in more general terms – to the users of the city of Gdańsk. The scope of our activity is not strictly limited to the local context; a broad range of contacts established in Poland and abroad allow the GGM to enter into creative dialogue with the latest intellectual trends in art and the humanities. The current interests of our team focus on the crossroads of literature and visual arts, the latest hitherto unwritten art history of Gdańsk within the last 30-40 years, as well as promotion and support of debuting artists from the city, among other fields of activity. The GGM strives to actively respond to changes that occur in the social and artistic tissue of the creative circles in Poland and abroad.



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