Piotr Wysocki, Dominik Jałowiński

video, 2016
location: building wall, Primary School No. 21, 43 Na Stoku Street (access from Salwator Street)

Run Free is a story about a meeting of two urban tribes: policemen from prevention and young people training freerun – the extreme form of parkour. For the Police these boys are so-called difficult youth, thugs and roughs. For the boys training parkour freerun is something more than an extreme sport; the skills they get help them to run away from the Police.

In 2013 Piotr Wysocki and Dominik Jałowiński organized meeting of policemen and tracers. They convinced both groups to break mutual aversion and participate in a workshop. The participants were to work on choreography based on one hand on tactical formations used by the Police in pacification of demonstrations and on the other on tracers’ skills at going over obstacles.

The workshop which helped to change the antagonisms into creative actions, took place in Radom. Remembering brutal actions of the Police against workers protest in Radom in 1976 gave context for this project. The problem the artists touched on is universal, though. It is the conflict between the order of power and law enforcement represented by the Police and the human need to be free. This issue is topical also at Biskupia Górka: the district laying in the shadow of unreachable Police’s stronghold. The Police and the inhabitants live at the same place but at two separate worlds. Wysocki and Jałowiński show that crossing the separating lines is difficult but possible.


Piotr Wysocki (1976) – before his artistic studies he was an eco-activist; he lived at the heart of deep forest of Drawiński Park Narodowy. In 2008 he graduated from painting at Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. He is a visual art artist, he does video-installations, happenings and performances. His main fields of activity are complex projects between art and documentary movies, which serve as tools of recognizing human problems and showing them in the context of political, social and existential conditionings.

Dominik Jałowiński (1983) – is a graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. He is a painter and a performer, author of murals and actions in public space.


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