Marta Kawecka, Rafał Smoliński

stop motion animation, collage, intervention at Biskupia Górka, 2016
location: tenement house wall, 21 Biskupia Street

Starting point for this realization was provided by workshops which Marta Kawęcka and Rafał Smoliński had with children in the neighbourhood together with Passion and Life Foundation. For the project the artist asked the children to introduce them to Biskupia Górka, show them their important places and paths leading there. Artists offered help to map this alternative “Kingdom” . Stop motion animation was the basic tool for it. Kawencka and Smoliński helped the children to master the tool and they created together a collage – visual description of Biskupia Górka as experienced by its youngest inhabitants. Prints of hands and drawings are the traces of exploration, establishing the borders of the territory filled with emotions. Road is a thing relating to situational psycho-geography, where cartography is determined by subjective experience and where a place can be considered as one’s own not when it is possessed by when you live it.


Marta Kawecka (1983) – visual artist, a graduate of painting from Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, Multimedia Faculty of F.Chopin University of Music and Culture Studies at University of Warsaw. She is a painter, but also works between various branches of art, such as sound installations, animations, social projects, multimedia projects. She participated in numerous exhibitions as well as interdisciplinary projects as Flash Mob Orchestra, Otwarta Ząbkowska, Open Space in Hagen, 291, Dynamika Chaosu on Warsaw and Berlin.

Rafał Smoliński (1974) – a musician, an interdisciplinary artist. As a musician and producer he cooperated with such musicians as: Michał Urbaniak, Tadeusz Sudnik, Włodek „Kinior” Kiniorski, VocColours, Janusz Smyk, Marcin Albert Steczkowski, Muchomory, Re:Minders. His explorations of unusual usage of his basic instrument, a bass guitar, led him into the world of sonoristic experiments and field recordings (since 2010 he has a mobile studio Mix Age). He has created 16 people project Flash Mob Orchestra (improvised dance, music, visualizations, scenography) where he got interested in forms of expression outside music.


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