Mariusz Waras

print, installation site-specific, 2016
location: 40 A-B Na Stoku Street 

In the passage between two tenements by Na Stoku Street, Mariusz Waras places a phantom of another building. This added building is one of the fictional protagonists introduced to the neighbourhood for NARRACJE Festival.

This fictious façade closes the street, changing it into a dead end, magnifying the impression that on Biskupia Górka we are in a separate “Kingdom” cut off from the rest of town. This barrier hides the Kingdom from the eyes of the non-initiated. It protects but also isolates. It is enough, however, to come closer and touch this seemingly concrete wall, to disperse the illusion. This tenement created by Waras is a photography printed on a banner, cut vertically, so that the strips can be moved freely. Through this wall one can pass and currents of air make them move. This picture is pulsating, uncovering as Waras says, “a power place”.


Mariusz Waras (1978) – a graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk. Muralist, illustrator applying mainly standstill techniques, author of installations, curator and a traveller. He is fascinated by cities and urban art. He has created hundreds of murals within “m-city” project, he has participated  in a number of group exhibitions and has a dozen of solo exhibitions in 40 countries. He is a curator of billboard gallery 238×504 in Gdynia and one of three curators of Fale project- a cycle presenting polish street-art. Waras was lecturing at Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk for many years. Currently he works as an associate professor at Arts Academy in Szczecin, where he leads his own Studio of Picture and Street-Art.


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Narracje 8

Narracje 8