Marcin Zawicki

video-mural, object- maquette, 2016

location: tenement house wall, 3 A Na Stoku Street

Every city and every district has what’s there here and now but also it has phantom layers hidden under the city’s tissue. Streets today, their names and topography hide other streets, names and landscapes, which we don’t see; even deeper there is the dark matter of the past.

Marcin Zawicki symbolically reaches to that matter. The place where he shows his video-mural and the near-by streets where earlier known as Schwarzes Meer – Black Sea. In the Middle Ages at Biskupia Górka, there were places for digging gravel and clay, materials used to build Gdańsk. After the materials were exploited to the very end, a pond turned up. In this area where the streets go high up and slopes are covered with thick vegetation, it is easy to forget, that we are by the sea. In the past, however, Biskupia Górka had its own “see”. Water in the pond was black (from dark clay at the bottom) it was called Schwarzes Meer and the name spread to all the area.

The pond doesn’t exist, the name Black Sea was rejected and forgotten but – as Zawicki says – the dark matter of the past never really disappears. In his video-mural the artist allows the matter to come to the surface of now. The projection is full together with an object, created like those maquettes of historic monuments and models of cities placed in the Old Towns, to help tourists to navigate around.  Zawicki’s maquette doesn’t represent the historic monuments; it is a 3D model of the projection, a bronze “nobilitation” of the district’s source, the phantom heart of darkness, black sea.


Marcin Zawicki (1985) – a painter, a graduate and lecturer of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. He is particularly interested in subject of illusion and mimesis in painting and ambiguous status of representation and realism of non-existing things. He is the laurate of numerous awards: Biennale Bielska Jesień (2013), the award of the President of Gdańsk for Young Creators of Culture (2011), distinction of “Format” magazine. He was awarded twice by the Chancellor of the Academy in 2013 and 2015. He had many individual exhibitions and participated in a number of exhibitions in Poland and abroad.


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