Magda Jędra


action / 2017
8 p.m., 9 p.m. (the action lasts ca. 10 min)
beach, continuation of Północna Street

In late autumn and winter, Brzeźno attracts a steady number of fans of swimming in the cold sea. No wonder – winter swimming is said to be quite addictive. Following contact with ice-cold water, the level of endorphins in the blood raises dramatically, which in turn engenders a feeling of bliss. Anyone who has experienced it will want to feel it again, and NARRACJE Festival would not be complete without our ‘walruses’. A group of volunteers conducted by choreographer, dancer and winter swimming enthusiast Magda Jędra will perform a short etude for moonlight, orchestra, and the black waves of the Baltic Sea.

The presented action resonates with references to Tadeusz Kantor’s happening, during which the artist conducted sea waves (Panoramic Sea Happening) and to spectacular showcases of synchronised swimming. Yet the most seductive aspect of this project is the vitality of bodies invigorated with seawater, not caring in the slightest about the foul autumn weather.


Magda Jędra

is a dancer, choreographer and performer. Her career began in 1997 at the Gdańsk Dance Theatre. Since 2005, she has formed part of the Good Girl Killer collective. For Jędra, the creative process rests on improvisation, and her productions are informed by performance and site-specific art. She likes to juxtapose different styles. Jędra holds a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and has been awarded a number of grants from the Gdańsk Municipality and the Pomeranian Local Government. She took part in the first choreographer exchange between Poland and Philadelphia. She teaches contemporary dance and improvisation.

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