Kuba Bąkowski

Mediterranean Shipping Company container, contemporary registration of detonations of sea mines from II WW, sound equipment, 2016
location: backyard, 15 Na Stoku Street

Kuba Bąkowski brings cargo container to Biskupia Górka. The presence of such object at slopes of a hill is ambivalent. The sea container seems to be a foreign body here. Biskupia Górka is a kind of urbanistic island, its topography is organized by the hill not by the seashore. It is easy to forget that this is a neighbourhood of a seashore town. By paradox the container blends with small architecture of local streets, rows of sheds, garages, vernacular constructions build by locals.

Sea container looks as if the sea has thrown it on Biskupia Górka. Is it a wreck? A cast away? A messenger? This last hypothesis seems to be closes to the truth, because the container, in accordance with its function is bringing something here. Its interior is full of sounds coming from under the Baltic Sea. These are the recordings of detonations of mines and torpedoes from II WW. In Bąkowski’s work there is a space-time shift. The charges explode with over 70 years delay and under the sea echos come to the surface and spread on the ground. But isn’t all Biskupia Górka a kind of spacetime phenomenon? This is a place not fully integrated with urban tissue of the rest of the city as well as it is not fully integrated with real time. Similarly in Kuba’s work, the past – still not fully done, as the misfires at the bottom of the Baltic – is brought to the surface, bending the space.


Kuba Bąkowski (1971) a graduate of University of Arts in Poznań. He is inspired by new technologies and issues from various branches of science, anthropology and natural history. He cooperates with scientists, engineers and constructors. He had his projects realized for Zachęta National Galery, Foksal Gallery and Centre of  Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw. He participated in exhibitions at Museum Moderner in Vienna, Museé d’Art Moderne in  Saint-Etienne, Artspace Sydney, National Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Royal Scottish Academy in  Edinburgh, Chelsea Art Museum in New York.



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