Kaja Cykalewicz-Licak


object / 2017
intersection of Cicha and Młodzieży Polskiej Streets

Like individual sounds combine to create melody, so do small events intertwine to form great histories.

Crank is an object created based on an old hand-operated tool, which I equipped with a new form and meaning. Upon turning the handle, the installation plays pre-recorded sounds, with some of the energy required to perform this action coming from the original dynamo mechanism.

The object was presented for the first time in 2015 as part of the 10th edition of Brussels Design September, at that time playing the sounds of bees. Now, Crank turns into a narrator, telling the story of the fickle fate of people, places and things. The score prepared for this edition is a collage of sounds, which metaphorically recreates the twists and turns of Brzeźno’s history. Upon turning the crank, visitors may hear fragments of the storm recorded in 1972 on the legendary Narwik ship by my grandfather, who left on what turned out to be the last voyage of the famous steamship as a correspondent of one of Gdańsk’s newspapers. I combined his recordings with fragments of improvised music, so that the whole would seem like a uniform piece. Upon turning the crank, you will hear a tale of incessant transformation, a wistful song about the former glory of places and things. At the same time, the installation invites visitors to tell their own stories about the little events that come together to create a unique image of the district, different for each individual.

Kaja Cykalewicz-Licak

Kaja Cykalewicz-Licak’s object is presented as part of the open call for works.



Kaja Cykalewicz-Licak

is a visual artist, graphic designer, illustrator, author of objects and cultural animateur. She graduated in Philosophy from University of Szczecin and from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture of the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts. In her work, she relies on a multiple techniques. As an artist and animator, she is involved in many cultural and educational activities, often devoted to protecting cultural heritage. She has taken part in a number of collective and solo exhibitions (e.g. in Poland, Belgium and France). She also designs record covers and posters for Polish and international musicians and music labels.

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