Grzegorz Kozera

cemetery flowers, publishing, text, intervention in public space, narration, 2016
start: Info Point in the Pentecostal Church, 2 Mennonitów Street

Grzegorz Kozera weaves a plot in the narration of Biskupia Górka, which is a speculation based on facts. In the past of the neighbourhood he places a historic hero, which – as far as we know – was never at Biskupia Górka, but could travel here. This character is enfant terrible of French literature, Jean Genet (1918-1986). A writer and playwright, with a track of scandals, a vagabond and a thief, after years spend at orphans,  reformatories and the Foreign Legion, in 1936 started his adventurous journey around Europe, Europe already darkened by the shadows of fascism and dooming war. Brushing against world of homosexual prostitution and prisons he reached as far as to Katowice in Poland. This much we know from the official version, or rather an auto creation of Genet himself, described in his  “Thief’s Journal”. How do we know – Kozera asked – that from Silesia he came back directly to France?

The artist suggests to imagine that Genet reached Gdańsk. In this scenario, the writer come to Biskupia Górka on notion that a shelter for boys is going to be established here, under the name of Paul Benecke, a pirate from Gdańsk, who has stolen The last Judgement by Memling.

Genet was mystifying his life a lot. Kozera follows his example, suggesting Genet’s presence at Biskupia Górka. The track of his pilgrimage is signalled by cemetery, artificial flowers, which the artist picks up at various necropolis. Kozera develops his speculation in a special newspaper, which becomes a kind of scenario, helping to move the imagination of Festival’s participants. Erotic, forbidden phantasies, apocrypha, petty crimes, piracy, fascism, allegories, flowery metaphors in Genet’s style and allusions to his books –all this interweaves in this story and Genets character is a catalyst starting tracks of associations, sharing new light on Biskupia Górka. Even if Genet was never here, he should had visited here. Kozera with his artistic means, fills the gap in the history of the neighbourhood, which asks to tell it in Genet’s language.


Grzegorz Kozera (1983) – painter, graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. He received his diploma with Chancellors distinction at Painting Studio of professor Leon Tarasiewicz and PhD Paweł Susid at New Media and Scenography Department (2011). He also graduated from History of Arts at Kardynał Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (2008). He received a scholarship from the City Council of Warsaw (2014, 2016) and a distinction at Bielska Jesień Biennale in 2015.


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