Dagmara Pochyła

installation site-specific, 2016
location: park square (access through the backyard at 4 Biskupia Street)

After Second World War there were three public executions of war criminals in Poland. One  took place at Biskupia Górka, on the square next to Pohulanka street. On 4 July 1946, eleven butchers from Stutthof concentration camp were hanged. 200 thousand people watched it.

Among the executed was Jeanny-Wand Barkamnn, a sadistic guard from the camp, called “Beautiful Phantom”. After the sentence was announced she said “Life is indeed a pleasure and pleasures usually last too short” .

Following the narration developed at Biskupia Górka, Dagmara Pochyła relates to that execution. Her attention was dragged to archival pictures of gallows – simple and objectively neutral character of its form. If we take away its context, these forms could suggest other functions. Exactly this happens in her work “Beautiful Phantom”. Pochyła builds a percussion instrument on the gallows and invites the audience to make it sound. It is an echo of another spectacle with audience participation – echo of a show connecting violence and justice and ambivalent pleasure of watching the justice done.


Dagmara Pochyła (1983) – is a graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Her early works were focused on new media and its influence on human communication. Her performance touched on relations between individuality and an intuitive perception of worlds unity. Currently her works contain motifs of simultaneity and ambivalence, distortions of perception of place and time, endeavours to grasp the “between”. The artist is interested in subjects pondered by the posthumanists.  In her realizations she uses mainly video, installations and performance.



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